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Georgia Organics Conference Success

I had the honor and privledge of presenting at the 2015 Georgia Organics Conference! The conference was held in Athens, GA on February 20-21. I did a presentation about my work with the Cooking Matters program! This presentation was one of the educational sessions offered during the conference. My session was part of the Cooking Up Change category and will took place on Saturday, February 21, 2015.

I shared tips on how to shop healthy on a budget including making a shopping list and accounting for what you already have in the kitchen. I also shared tips for shopping at a grocery store or a farmer's market and we made Northwest Apple Salad!

This was a wonderful experience and I am so excited that I got to be a part of the conference. If you are interested in learning more about eating healthy on a buget or making quick, easy and healthy recipes of if you are interested in starting a Cooking Matters course, check out the Services page!

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