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Offering mind, body and spirit wellness services.



Health Coaching

As a Certified Health Education Specialist, I am qualified to provide evidenced-based, health and wellness coaching services.




I currently work in healthcare. I assist patients that have chronic conditions to include diabetes and high blood pressure with managing and coping with their chronic conditions. 


If you are interested in culinary medicine to improve chronic conditions or if you would like to learn more about eating a healthy, balanced diet, I can help!


I can also help you understand your health insurance, find healthcare providers and other health-related resources to enhance your overall well-being.




I have done over 75 cooking demonstrations during my time at Athens Land Trust. I specialize in educational, farm to fork concept experiences that link food's nutritional value to mental, physical and spiritual health. I also have a Serv Safe Food Safety Manager Certification.


  • Cooking with Youth

    • I am able to safely engage youth of all ages in cooking activites. I have done cooking demonstrations with middle school youth at the Boys and Girls club, teens in the Young Urban Farmer Program and youth of all ages at the West Broad Farmer's Market.

  • Cooking with Families

    • I have experiences engaging families in cooking activities. I am able to involve all members of diverse families in the process and to provide meal planning strategies.

  • Parties

    • I can do bachelorette parties, birthday parties, wellness parties, kids parties or whatever you have in mind!

Cooking Matters Courses

I am a trained Cooking Matters Course Facilitator. I can facilitate all Cooking Matters Curriculum including Cooking Matters at the Farmer's Market, Cooking Matters with Teens at Cooking Matters with Families. I also presented about my work with Cooking Matters ar the Georgia Organics Conference. For more information about Cooking Matters, visit

Coming Soon: Integrated Counseling!

I am licensed as a Licensed Master Social Work. I'm currently in clinical supervison to become a fully licensed clinical social worker! I am on track to have my clinical license by Spring/Summer 2019.


The completion of clinical supervision and passing te clinical licensure exam will qualifiy me to independently offer integrated mental health and wellness counseling services.

Pet Therapy

Ginger, my German Shepherd, and I are certified as a Pet Therapy Team with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.


We can provide volunteer pet therapy services at hosptials, nursing homes, hospice settings, schools and libraries to name a few!


If you would like to arrange a pet therapy visit, contact us at!

DIY Personal Care Products

I make all natural body products including body scrubs to treat acne, in-grown hairs  and stretch marks. I also make hair care products and ingrown hair solution products. I can also create specialized products upon request.


  • Demonstrations

    • I can facilitate interactive demonstrations to learn how to make these products.

  • Parties

    • I can host parties centered around making your own natural personal care products.

If interested, contact Amber at!

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