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May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month! This year's theme is Tools to Thrive.

Mental Health America is offering great tools such as the graphic below about toxic influences. Visit their website to learn more about identifying toxic influences and how to eliminate them. ⁣

I identify toxic influences by listening to my body’s signals. If I feel anxious around someone or that I cannot fully be myself then I know something is off. Also, if I feel drained or bad about myself after being around someone. When these signs come up, I rejuvenate with self care and determine the best way to set boundaries.

It is also important to include self-reflection when considering toxic influences. Are our behaviors, attitudes and energy towards others creating toxic influences in other's lives? Are we acting from an egocentric, jealous or negative place? Are responding from a place of hurt or unresolved trauma?

What are some ways that you identify and eliminate toxic influences in your life? Comment below! ⁣

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