About OrgANNic Wellness

OrgANNic Wellness was founded in 2014 by Amber ANN Flanigan. OrgANNic Wellness celebrates every aspect of wellness including mental health, physical health, spiritual health and social well-being and seeks to provide a venue to share resources to promote each of these aspects of wellness.


I'm sure you've noticed that I inserted my middle name into organic to create OrgANNic. This is my own unique twist on a word that is a big part of my identity and epistemology. Organic is not only a food designation that I prefer but my philosophy on life and wellness. When food is produced organically, it is produced naturally, with integrity, true to its natural process. 


Living a life that is true to my mind, body and spirit is important to me and essential to wellness in my opinion. I believe that if we are true to our selves - mind, body and spirit - we will naturally make healthy decisions that promote well-being. This also means being authentic, genuine and honest. These values are very important to me and ground who I am.


Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to sharing OrgANNic Wellness with you!

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