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Barre is low impact, high energy workout that combines elements of yoga, pilates and ballet with functional strength training. Barre integrates full-range movements and isometric contractions to engage muscles to fatigue.


I've always loved yoga, dance and pilates. I'd tried Barre classes in the past but it was the recommendation of my spine doctor to take Barre classes  that motivated me to seriously pursue Barre. I've seen beautiful changes in my body, I am stronger and more flexible. What I appreciate the most is that I also have less back pain!


I loved Barre so much that I decided to get certified to teach classes. I've taught nearly 100 studio and virtual Barre Classes.


Interested in taking Barre classes with me? Visit


Look for my name on the MUV Barre Schedule. You can also contact MUV Fitness for a free trial class!

Check out one of my virtual MUV Barre Classes:

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