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"Self Made" Follow Up Post

Follow Up Post:⁣ I still support the positive points of the Self Made series that are highlighted in my last post. However, after learning about Annie Malone, I wish that the Self Made serious would have included Annie Malone’s success instead of including a fictitious rival. ⁣ Although I am glad this fictitious rival bought up the toxic effects of Colorism, it would have also been nice to see another black woman succeeding during a time where this was increasing difficult. ⁣ It seems that history has favored Madame CJ Walker as a result of her tumultuous life and early death due to kidney disease. It is easy to route for the daughter of freed slaves who went from a washer to a millionaire. Annie Malone’s story is different was she grew up in the Northern U.S. and was fortunate enough to receive an education. ⁣ Do you think that society favors a “rags to riches” narrative? Does any early death lead to mythological status? Comment below!⁣ 📸: Curl Definition

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