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"Self Made" Wellness Reflections

As part of my Self Care this week, I binged Self Made on #Netflix last night. As a black woman, I am so excited that this empowering story is being told. Here are my favorite messages from the series thus far:⁣ 1. Resilience. We watch Madame CJ Walker overcome a traumatizing past, betrayal, rejection and a house fire. Despite these challenges, she continues to prioritize her business.⁣ 2. Processing Cognitions. I love that this series provides imagery for Madame CJ Walker’s thoughts. We watch her mentally fight her competition in a boxing ring and throw water at “The Walker Girl” who represents a narrow depiction of black beauty. This imagery illustrates how to cope with cognitive distortions that tell us we are not good enough. Madame CJ Walker does not allow her condescending competitor or toxic standards of European beauty to define her or stop her from pursuing her business. ⁣ 3. Female Entrepreneurship. Madame CJ Walker is one of the most successful business women in history. In the series, we watch her advocate for female entrepreneurship as a way to uplift the black race. She also wants to use her business to empower women to be independent and feel beautiful!⁣ Are you watching Self Made? Share your thoughts below!⁣ 📸: Essence/Netflix ⁣

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