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October is Non-GMO Month!

Yet another reason to love the month of October! Not only does this month represent my birth month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is also Non-GMO Month. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Genetically engineered or GE is also used to identify organisms whose genetic material have been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Crops and even animals can be genetically modified to help them fight of pests such as bugs or weeds, fight disease and to increase yield.

GMO's can be a controversial topic. There is evidence to support that GMO's are bad for our health while others feel that GMO's are necessary to feed our growing population. In addition to difference of opinion, non-GMO products are sometimes more expensive than other products that do not have this designation which makes them inaccessible for many people.

Some people are proponents for GMO labeling. Organizations such as Just Label It feel that it is our right to know what type of foods we are consuming. Currently, the FDA does not require GMO labeling because GMO's may not be detectable by "taste, smell or other senses." What do you think? Should GMO foods be labeled?

Want to learn more about Non-GMO month? Click here! The promotion is primarily geared toward retailers but it still helps raise awareness regarding GMO's and stimulates conversation.

What do you think about GMO's? Do you feel that they are healthy or unhealthy? Do you think they are necessary to feed a growing population? Do you think that GMO products should be labeled? Comment below via Facebook comments!

I also would recommend watching the documentary Food Inc. I was first exposed to this in an Anthropology of Eating course at UGA. Proceed with caution, it can ruin your appetite for some foods and it does have an anti-GMO slant. Nonetheless, it is very enlightening!

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