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Black History Month and Healthcare

As a black woman, naturally, I love Black History Month. I am so inspired by the resiliency of my people her in America and our native land of Africa. I aspire to be as strong as my ancestors and I hope to continue learn more about and incorporate black health and wellness practices that have been used throughout generations.

I have always know about the Black Panthers. I admire the Black Panther's Ten Point program that called for an end to police brutality, employment for African Americans, land, housing and justice. These themes are still relevant in today's society and my work as a clinical social worker.

I did not know about the Black Panther's contributions to public health and access to care until I watched this video share by AJ+

I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn new things about my people that inspire me to be my best self and thrive.

What are some of your favorite black history lessons?

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