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UGA Service - Learning Feature

I had the pleasure to reflect on my experiences with the University of Georgia's Office of Service Learning as part of their "Where Are They Now?" Series.

The write up is below:

"Amber Flanigan started working with the Office of Service Learning her junior year of college. Working with the OSL led her to become a UGA Public Service and Outreach Scholar at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia at UGA during her senior year of college. She also took several service-learning classes that included participating in therapeutic camps focused on topics to include mental health and nutrition.

As an employee of the OSL, Amber was very involved with The Campus Kitchen at UGA and assisted with community engagement efforts.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Amber went on to pursue the University of Georgia MSW MPH Program. Her work with the OSL impacted her choice of graduate degrees and has assisted her career as a social worker. The knowledge she gained about food insecurity, community health, community partners and resources allows her to provide her patients with holistic care.

Amber is pictured with her German Shepherd Ginger after completing a pet therapy visit at the hospital where she works.

We are proud of you Amber!"

Check out the feature on the UGA Office of Service Learning Page:

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