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I'm Back! Just in Time for Mental Health Awareness Month

I'm back! I am exited to be actively blogging again. I can come up with many excuses including I'm planning a wedding, work is keeping me busy, I did two conference presentations, I'm trying to exercise more. While all of these are valid, the truth is that I need to commit to consistency with my website.

I do pretty well with committing to doing a good job in general at work, pursuing my LISW-CP, finishing graduate school and other things. I find it challenging to hold myself accountable here. I am committed to working on this and I need y'all to keep me accountable!

Mental Health Awareness Month is a great topic for posts and presents an opportunity for continued self-awareness and self growth. Be on the lookout for new content including videos regarding self-awareness and self-growth and topics included in this year's Mental Health Month theme: Risky Business.

Stay tuned!

Mental Health Month

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