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Product Review - Benevolent Bacon

I saw this product in the frozen foods section at EarthFare and decided to give it a try! I was attracted to the fact that it is vegan and soy free. I am very allergic to soy so I am always excited when I see soy-free vegetarian or vegan products! You can find Benevolent Bacon and other Sweet Earth products online at or in stores including EarthFare, Walmart and Kroger. The Sweet Earth website allows you to not only locate stores in your area that carry Sweet Earth products but it also tells you what products are available in those stores. What an awesome and efficient feature!

On a lovely fall Saturday afternoon, I decided to make breakfast for my boyfriend and I. I began by thawing the frozen bacon.Thawing the bacon was surprisingly easy. Per the instructions, I thawed the bacon under "frugal use" of cold water for 10 minutes. After thawing, the bacon had a meat bacon like texture. It was softer and slightly grainer than meat bacon so I handled it very carefully.

After successfully thawing the bacon, I prepared the bacon two different ways. The first time, I followed the instructions by pre-heating a skillet that I lightly oiled with olive oil over medium heat. I placed 3 strips of the bacon in the skillet and cooked them for about 2 minutes on each side. It cooked very quickly and even scorched my pan. The bacon also leaked out "grease" which was interesting. I was not sure that the bacon was fully cooked when I took it out of the pan but since both the pan and bacon seemed to be scorching, I took the bacon out.

The directions say to let the bacon sit for one minute after cooking. It seemed to get crisper and firmer as it cooled. I placed the bacon on paper napkins so that some of the "grease could be absorbed from the bacon. These pieces pictured below turned out the best. They were cooked just right. The crispiness, taste and overall texture were great!

I prepared the remaining bacon using the broil feature on my oven. I placed the bacon on a baking sheet lined with foil and topped with a cooling rack. I put the bacon directly on the cooling rack. My mom prepares meat bacon this way. It is always crispy and less greasy when she does it this way so I decided to try it out on the vegan bacon. I liked this method a lot better than the skillet method although i think I overcooked it. Now that I know that the bacon will get crispier as it cools, I would not broil it for as long as I did in hopes of crisping it.

My boyfriend and I had the bacon with buttermilk pancakes.Despite most of the bacon being a tad overcooked, it still made for an enjoyable meal. Overall, I think that Benevolent Bacon is a great product. The flavor is great and so are the ingredients. I am willing to buy it again so that I can master the preparation. I will probably broil it again for less time. Perhaps I may try the skillet again on lower heat as well.

Are you interested in trying this product? Do you already enjoy this Sweet Earth product or others? Comment below via Facebook Comments!

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