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Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is defined as the mediation in action. During this practice, we become mindful of the experience of walking and root ourselves in the present moment. This involves listening to our spirits and inner most thoughts while enjoying the sensation of walking.

Empirical studies demonstrate that mediation is effective in reducing stress, risk for cardiovascular disease and the practice improves depression and anxiety.

Walking meditation is a great way to practice meditation. It can be a great way to practice meditation if you find being still and staying focused during sitting meditation difficult. Plus, you get the benefit of a little bit of exercise!

Looking for a place to try it out? Try a labyrinth! A labyrinth is like a maze, leading walking meditators in a circular path inward toward the center and then back out again. Labyrinths are present in many ancient cultures including African, Celtic, Greek and Native American cultures. Today, labyrinths can be found at parks, gardens and churches.

Practicing walking meditation in a labyrinth is a great way to practice focus and immersing ourselves into the present moment as walking a labyrinth requires us to focus on the path with the goal of going inward. They are also very beautiful and often times are located in very scenic locations! My first experience with a labyrinth was at the beautiful Brookgreen Gardens in Pawley's Island, South Carolina.

Interested in giving it a try? Check out! I used this to find a labyrinth in Columbia, SC after enjoying my experience at Brookgreen Gardens in Pawley's Island, SC.

These photos were taken at after enjoying an alumni tailgate at Conquest Brewing, a local brewery in Columbia, SC. We went on to beat the Gamecocks. Go Dawgs!!

Are you interested in practicing walking meditation in a labyrinth? Comment via Facebook comments below!

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