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All About Tai Chi

I first started learning about Tai Chi during my internship at The Samaritan Center for Counseling and Wellness. One of my supervisors would occasionally integrate the ancient Chinese art and mind–body meditative exercise into her clinical practice. The agency was also interested in adding Tai Chi to its roster of services which led to me doing research into the mental health and wellness benefits of the practice.

Tai Chi involves slow controlled movements, deep relaxed breathing and correct posture, enacted within a state of awareness and concentration. Benefits of Tai Chi include reduced heart rate and blood pressure, facilitation of relaxation and mental focus, pain relief, moderated depression and addictive cravings and improved immune capability.

I have enjoyed practicing Tai Chi during physical therapy. My therapist provided me with a great resource that I would like to share! The Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting (AIB) Network offers free Tai Chi broadcasts! If you are in the Atlanta area, you can tune in to Comcast channel 295 or U-verse channel 6 Monday-Sunday at 6:30 AM or Monday-Saturday at 8:00 AM. If your are not in the Atlanta area or not an early bird, don't worry! You can access Tai Chi videos on the AIB website here!

In addition to this great resource, I also appreciate my physical therapist's encouragement to have fun with the practice of Tai Chi! This is something applicable to all things in life. I hope that y'all have fun with this! Let me know what you think about Tai Chi and the AIB resources below!

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