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A Southern Favorite!

This Sunday I treated myself to fried green tomatoes. I have become quite fond of this southern staple since becoming a vegetarian. I am able to get my southern fried fix without seeking it in fried chicken. I've had fried green tomatoes at resturants but I have never tried to make them myself. I saw these beautiful green tomatoes at a produce stand on the side of the road on my way home from work on Wednesday so I figured I would give it a try! The guy selling the produce even let me buy the cute little basket that the tomatoes were being displayed in!

Since this was my first time, I decided that I wanted to buy pre-made coating. I found this Calhoun Bend Mill All Natural Fried Green Tomato Coating Mix at Ingles. I was so happy to find something specifically for green tomatoes- and other vegetables too according to the packaging- that was All Natural.

I added a little garlic salt and onion powder to the mix. The ingredients list included "spices" so I am not sure what spices were already in the mix before I added my own but I am glad I did. I sliced the green tomatoes and soaked them in cold water per the instructions. I then proceeded to coat the tomato slices. I fried them 4 at a time in sunflower oil.

They came out amazing! The coating was so flavorful that I did not have a desire to make a dipping sauce. The tomatoes were crispy and not soggy. The coating also stuck to the tomatoes well. The cold water was more than enough to help it stick. I do suggest making thin slices. The thinner slices were the crispiest and most enjoyable to me.

I am so excited that my first attempt at making fried green tomatoes was successful. I look forward to making this southern treat again!

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