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I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!

I passed my clinical social work exam today! After completing 3000 hours of supervised clinical practice, 100 hours of supervision with my clinical supervisor, additional course work in Ethics and Psychodiagnostics and successfully passing my exam, I have earned my clinical social work license.

In the state of South Carolina, the clinical social work license is identified as Licensed Independent Social Worker in Clinical Practice or LISW-CP.

With this new credential, I can look forward to the following career advancements:

  • Increased pay

  • More job opportunities

  • Ability to open a private practice

  • Ability to bill insurance for mental health services

  • Opportunity to supervise other social workers pursuing clinical licensure

  • Increased credibility

Want to learn more about becoming a clinical social worker? Contact the Social Work board in you state for liscensure requirements and eligibility.

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