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Lunchtime Yoga Inspiration

This week I attended a yoga class led by an instructor that was new to me. I really enjoy practicing during my lunch break. It is a great way to recenter myself and I like getting my exercise in early in the day so that I can spend my evenings taking Ginger to the dog park or on a long walk. At the end of a lunch time yoga class this past Monday, the instructor shared this quote with us:

"Be a fountain, not a drain."

What does this quote mean to you?

This quote was very timely for me. I recently got engaged! I am so excited to marry my now fiancé! I feel so lucky that I am surrounded by fountains that have poured celebration, love and encouragement into me as I share my exciting news and prepare for this new phase in my life.

I am also conscious of this concept in relation to myself and my interactions with others. Although this is one of the most exciting times in my life, I do not want to be the stereotypical "bridezilla". I hope that I can also be a fountain to those celebrating with me and anyone else that I encounter in various capacities.

I hope that I continue to experience fountains and can continue to be a fountain as I move forward with planning and celebrating with others.

What makes you a fountain? What qualities do you think make others a fountain? Comment below via Facebook comments!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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